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Practitioner for Psychotherapy

Hypnosis and Coaching

If you are stressed, just need someone to talk to, not sure which way to go, maybe feeling a little confused or isolated, then counselling can help.

A conversation in a neutral environment can be very helpful, as it can help you find ways to solve problems that may have existed for years or to work through something newer.

For this purpose, I try to understand your situation in order to find ways to cope with it or to recommend new ways of living.

This process can sometimes be difficult and always requires serious attention as well as patience and acceptance during the process.

How can I help?

I have experience in working with the following areas:

  • Fighting with fear and dread: for example, social decline, the unknown, strokes of fate such as serious accidents or illness, lost and grieving process.
  • Feelings that seem out of control or are overwhelming. Or a lack of feeling or life experience.
  • Thoughts that are perhaps unpleasant or intrusive and make life difficult.
  • Anger and frustration. Some have problems with explosive anger, others with expressing their feelings when they offend others.
  • Stress and burnout related to work, a sudden life crisis or perhaps the feeling of being overwhelmed by many different stress factors - all these things happen together.
  • The feeling of being less valuable than others.
  • Somatic reactions or physical symptoms that may have a psychological cause.
  • Somatische Reaktionen oder körperliche Symptome, die möglicherweise eine psychische Ursache haben.
  • Relationship issues and parenting issues.
  • Questions about identity and culture shocks, adaptation issues for expatriates.
  • Past traumatic events, such as abuse or an assault, which still influence life today.

Methods I offer

Hypnosis: therapy, analysis and regression

Systemic coaching and therapy

Individual psychological counselling

Family constellations

Do you have any more questions?

I will gladly provide you with non-binding information by telephone. Or you can contact me via the contact form.